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Jumaat, 29 April 2011

i have two cutest hamster i ever had. a comot and a momo nsme give to them. both of them was soft hair, white orange color and has two teeth and mouseache. They are very funny to me and both of them was a female hamster. Everyday i will give them food anf drink. Their favourite food is kuaci, corrot, and cabbage. I`m always played with them. they always make me happy. why i love this hmaster very much becouse this hamster also gift from mok, that is MUHAMAD FAKHRUL BIN MUHAMAD SANUDI. In six month i care them. My nostalgia with this hamster is one day i find out momo are dissapeared. OMG..!! I`m look evry where but i can`n find my lovely hamster. Im very sad about momo dissaperd. In the next dAy, i found momo. I can`t believed finally it show itself to me, it hide at the back cabinet not missing. I love very much to my lovely hamster. and since that day, i care both of it best possible. Today it body fat and soft. that`s my lovely and favourite animal.

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